Welcome to the European Express Association

The express industry is a fast-growing business sector which not only provides vital services for the European economy, but which also plays a large role in making the global marketplace a reality.

Being a multi-modal operator, the express industry is impacted by issues which cut across a broad range of policy sectors. The European Express Association (EEA) represents express delivery companies and associations, both large and small, in Europe. By communicating on behalf of the express industry with one single voice, the EEA works to ensure that policy-makers fully understand the challenges we face as an industry and as a result, that policy is implemented in a way which maximises the benefits for all involved.

  • Trade & Facilitation Committee

    At the point where express shipments cross international borders, express delivery, as a fully “integrated” service, has a unique and crucial role to play...

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  • Security

    Common security standards help simplify operations and reduce costs for express operators whilst encouraging trade, investment and productivity in the EU...

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  • Transport & Environment

    Express operators boost the efficiency for supply chains for business across Europe, creating both environmental and cost benefits...

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Did you know?

269 million intra-EU cross-border express deliveries took place during 2010